5 Benefits of Child Care for Working Parents

By Dona January 1, 2017

Parents who work outside the home sometimes feel guilty about leaving their children with babysitters or at child care centers. But certain advantages come with enrolling kids in child care. Although it may seem like an undesirable alternative to stay-at-home parenting, child care programs are helpful to both children and parents in several ways.


Child care centers are usually reliable because they operate on a regular schedule and are staffed by licensed caregivers. Kids get to know the staff and teachers who become familiar and trustworthy. Parents know the fee schedule and can plan the same amount in the monthly budget. The program and parents work together for kids’ well-being.


Instead of being at home with parents or a babysitter, children who attend daycare programs get to meet other children and learn how to get along. Social niceties like courtesy and polite language are essential skills that help children to adjust to the outside world. They learn to interact appropriately and respectfully with the center’s staff and other children as a healthy part of their social development.

Education preparation.

Children in daycare are often taught age-appropriate skills involving numbers, alphabetical letters, colors, and other relevant information that prepares them to enter kindergarten in the future. Recreational activities that involve physical game-playing or athletic skills like running and jumping strengthen body and mind as kids learn how to control their movements and their attitudes while interacting with others.

Family appreciation.

Another child care advantage is that children in preschool programs often appreciate their parents and siblings even more when they come home after being away. Having observed their teachers’ and staff members’ authority, kids often learn how to better respect their parents if that trait is not quite developed. Comparing school activities with family time can help children to enjoy both aspects of their lives, and especially to appreciate time spent at home relaxing in the comforts of family life.

Tax credit.

For parents, a monetary advantage to children’s daycare enrollment is a tax credit. This depends on the number of hours and cost of the program for each child in the family. A tax deduction offers another incentive for registering children in a public care program that provides quality oversight and instruction as well as caregiving.

In these economic times, few families can afford to have a parent stay at home to care for the children. Most families need both parents to work as an economic necessity. Single-parent families also require the parent to work outside the home, if possible. When professional daycare is needed, look for one that offers that offers advantages like those indicated above. Check out Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care if you would like to learn more information.


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