Are Home Health Care Services Right for Your Loved One?

By Dona January 24, 2017

Deciding how to properly care for a loved one in need is often more challenging than it seems. There are many factors to consider, and the available options each have their pros and cons. Home health care is one option to consider as an alternative to living in a nursing home or care facility. It is most commonly associated with senior care, but it also may be selected for terminally ill, mentally incapacitated or severely disabled patients. As you explore the options, focusing on several key factors will help you to determine if home health care is best for your loved one.

The Level of Assistance Needed
First, you should consider the level of care needed. Home health care assistance varies from provider to provider. In some cases, a nurse working with a home healthcare agency may sit with your loved one around the clock, and a physician may even make scheduled home visits. Other home care agencies, however, only provide assistance from non-medical caregivers. These caregivers may provide companionship, housekeeping services, grocery services, meal preparation and more. While the level of assistance and care provided varies, most patients with critical or serious needs benefit from being in a nursing home or even a hospital. This provides access to more medical services.

The Financial Situation
Your financial situation should also be considered when thinking about using home care assistance. This is not typically an affordable service, but some insurance companies cover at least a portion of the cost. If you or your loved one do not have the financial means to pay for this level of in-home care, it may be necessary to move the patient into your own home for further assistance by you.

The Alternatives
When deciding on the right care option for your loved one, it is important to give ample thought to the alternatives as well. This means exploring the pros, cons and options for each alternative. For example, you may consider the benefits and drawbacks of life in an assisting living facility as opposed to the patient living in your own home. In some cases, you may use limited home care assistance in your own home to keep costs lower. When you move the patient into your home, you can eliminate home expenses from the patient’s budget. This frees up additional money to pay for further care expenses.

As you can see, there are many options to consider. Your primary objective should initially focus on the solution that provides the best level of care for the individual. Then, you can explore options to make this care option more affordable for the patient’s budget or your budget.

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