Common Myths About Chiropractic Care

By Dona June 2, 2017

For well over one hundred years, chiropractic care has benefited millions of people around the world. Science has continually proven that a licensed and trained chiropractor can treat a variety of health ailments quickly, effectively and safely. However, for some reason, myths about chiropractic care continue to circulate and influence the minds of people who can seriously benefit from it.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Simply put, chiropractic care refers to the routine spinal manipulation performed by a licensed chiropractor. This manipulation is known as an adjustment. According to chiropractic care, the majority of people suffer from subluxation, meaning a misalignment of the spine. This misalignment can cause serious neck, shoulder and back pain that can become debilitating over time. Additionally, subluxation can lead to serious health problems.

This is because of the spine’s role in our overall health. The spine controls the entire nervous system which acts as a communicator to all of the body’s organs and various systems. When the spine is misaligned, certain nerves essentially get cut off, leading to health problems like seasonal allergies, vertigo and even heart disease.

Chiropractic care is proven to safely treat and prevent various ailments. Typically, a client is advised to visit a chiropractic office for an adjustment on a weekly basis.

Myth #1: Your Spine is Being Cracked

During an adjustment, your chiropractor will use their hands and elbows to manipulate your spine into an aligned position. As they adjust your spine, you will hear a cracking noise. This is the sound of gas leaving the spaces between the spine.

Some people believe that this cracking noise is actually the sound of bones being cracked. Needless to say, this can scare people away from ever receiving an adjustment. However, this sound is completely normal and does not indicate any potential danger.

Myth #2: You Can Die During an Adjustment

Because of the fact that a person can die instantly from a broken neck, many people believe that they are at risk of dying during an adjustment. When a chiropractic specialist swiftly adjusts the neck by rotating it to the side, people believe that they are truly at risk of dying.

However, a chiropractic specialist is highly trained and knows how to adjust the neck properly. Therefore, the possibility that he or she will break your neck is incredibly low. In fact, statistics prove that this almost never happens.

Myth #3: Chiropractic Care is Quack Medicine

For decades, medical specialists have been trying to disprove the fact that chiropractic care is a legitimate form of medicine. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that by treating various ailments with spinal adjustments, there is less of a need for more expensive procedures performed by other types of doctors.

The truth is that this type of care has been proven to be very effective. Extensive research and case studies have shown that regular chiropractic care benefits patients in a variety of ways.


Don’t allow these myths to keep you from receiving the enormous health benefits of chiropractic care. Science has proven that this form of care is incredibly safe and effective. For further information, Chiro-Med has online resources available on their website.


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