The Reasons Mothers are Turning to Goat Milk Formula

By Dona January 3, 2017

Switching your baby from breast-milk to formula can be a stressful process for yourself and your child. It can take a while for the baby to become used to the change, and some of them may even have issues digesting the formula. This is especially true if the formula is made from cow’s milk, since babies can be lactose intolerant. For many mothers, the answer lies in goat milk formula.

Lower Cholesterol

Goat’s milk is known for having lower cholesterol levels than cow’s milk. This is one reason why lots of mothers are choosing this option from the beginning. Goat milk baby formula allows your child to get started on the right foot when it comes to cholesterol levels, helping to prevent obesity right from the start.

Easier to Digest

The protein clumps that form in milk of all kinds are called curds. The softer the curds, the easier the milk is to digest. Goat’s milk has much softer curds than cow’s milk, which is vital for children who have digestive issues or for parents who do not want to irritate their child’s digestive tract. For babies prone to colic, goat’s milk is the best possible option. This is another important reason why goat milk can be highly beneficial to children.

Less Lactose

Goat milk and cow milk both contain lactose, but goat milk has less of it. This is why children with intolerance to lactose need to drink baby formula made with goat milk. Although the difference is not huge, there have been many positive experiences of lactose intolerant babies being able to handle goat milk better.

Closer to Breast-Milk

The chemical make-up of goat’s milk is more similar to breast milk than cow’s milk. This is one of the reasons why children find it easier to digest and why more and more mothers are turning to this option. It can be especially important for children who are having a hard time switching from breast milk to formula and for babies with sensitive stomach tracts.

All of these reasons make it clear that goat’s milk is definitely something to consider when it comes to switching your child over from breast milk to formula. It can be a tough transition, but you can avoid many pitfalls in the process by opting for goat’s milk instead of the harder to digest cow’s milk. Of course, you should consult with the pediatrician before starting any kind of formula, since you want to see what they recommend best. Be sure to ask him or her about the many benefits of goat’s milk for your child. For more info, you can visit Kabrita for additional professional insights.


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